Hine Pu Te Hue

Hine Pū Te Hue was the daughter of Tāne and Hine Rauamoa. In the great war of the brothers ,Hine took their anger and placed it into the gourd to be in turn replaced by peace. The gourds carried karakia for safety which were to be removed in times of need. The gourds are also the holders of the codes for many sounds, from the boom of the kākāpō, the coo of the kererū, to the tangi of the kuia. All gentle, calming and peaceful - Robin

Then Hine Pū Te Hue intervenes and brings calm with the hue puruhau, poi āwhiowhio and hue puruwai (rattle). The kōauau returns to give direction again - Bob

Clea Pettit