On the outer edges of Onetahua (Farewell Spit), the place where the kuaka (godwit) spend the summer feeding before their long flight to the Northern Hemisphere, Tāwhirimātea blew strongly across the small sand area. Tāwhirimātea shifted the sands into mounds that change frequently. Mounds that were said to be created by Māui as he dragged his large ‘fish hook’ across the area. The wind blew against the pūrerehua, lifted it straight up and out spinning and creating a sympathetic sound to that created by Tāwhirimātea himself. It was the start of a time when the old sounds were being played into the area, and to the surrounding old whale trails. It culminated in the stranding of several tohorā within the next few days. Tangaroa had presented a koha - Robin

Tāwhirimātea makes his presence known with breath blown pūpakapaka and pūtorino as well as the porotiti. Spirits on the storm are heard (female voice of pūpakapaka). The kōauau kōiwi tairoa laments the stranding of tohorā (even though they are a koha from Tangaroa) - Bob

Clea Pettit