Hine Raukatauri is the daughter of Tāne . She lives inside the case moth pupae calling softly in the night for a lover. The form of the case is that of the pūtōrino, a traditional flute. Māui gave kōkako a reward of wattles, but kōkako wanted more than something just like the huia – he wanted to sing in the same manner as Hine Raukatauri and so was then instructed by Māui to eat the casemoth. This he did, calling and amplifying her sound in the bush - Robin We hear several voices of the pūtōrino. Edge tones represent the child moth and the handling of the raupō poi represents the uneasy movement of Hine Raukatauri inside her cocoon. First comes the call of the female moth trying to attract a male, which she will consume once they have mated. The sad song of the male moth follows and is itself followed by the triumphant voice of the female who is now satisfied (blown across the māngai ) - Bob


Clea Pettit