Porotiti - Bone

Porotiti - Bone


About this item: The Porotiti is usually and oval disc with a cord going through two off centre holes. It is played by looping the cord around the hands then twirling it a little to start it spinning. By applying alternate pressure then relaxing the cord each time the disc untwines, a hum is created. Then by carefully blowing gently on its vanes, it starts to sing and create its own songs.

The designs on this porotiti represent Ngā Hau e Whā, the four winds which carry the wishes of the player to the world.

About Taonga Puoro: In Maori Music traditions musical instruments are members of the families of the Gods. Tunes are named Rangi after the Sky Father to whom they ascend after being sounded and Rhythms  come from the heartbeats of Papa, the Earth Mother. Their children, Hine pu te Hue, Tane, and Tawhiri Matea, their Great uncle Tangaroa and a grandchild, Raukatauri, Goddess of flute music, are most of the ancestors of a wide range of musical instruments.

As in tradition much of the work put into instruments was for their carved stories therefore I prefer to work to your budget while adding appropriate carving.

Protocol: Traditionally these treasures are given personal names and you are invited to continue that tradition.

Material:  All the bone for these carvings are from farmed animals and are not therefore restricted by CITES conventions for border restrictions if travelling.

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