Puputarakihi - Paper Nautilus

Puputarakihi - Paper Nautilus


About this item: Its Māori name translates most appropriately as ‘the shell like a cicada’ for its delicacy and function are both mirrored by the moult case left by the cicada when it climbs from the ground to change into its adult form. Another name, Muwheke, acknowledges that likeness but also gives its function as the egg case of wheke or squid.

About Creature Designs: These are also kaitiaki or guardian beings which are often of a personal or individual significance.

Protocol: Traditionally these treasures are given personal names and you are invited to continue that tradition.

Material: Bone. All the bone for these carvings are from farmed animals and are not therefore restricted by CITES conventions for border restrictions if travelling. The cords are of adjustable length for convenience.

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