Matau Maui

Matau Maui


About this item: Matau Maui depict the Demi God who first developed a barbed hook then later ‘fished’ up the North Island.

About Pounamu: In Mythical times Poutini abducted the beautiful Waitaiki, and they set off to his home in the South Island. Tama, her husband, chased the pair and eventually Poutini, knowing they would be caught, changed Waitaiki into his own natural essence, Pounamu. Then he transformed himself into a taniwha and slipped past the angry Tama back to his home in the wild West Coast Ocean.

Waitaiki remains forever in the Arahura riverbed, but her children can be found as they swim down the river to meet their father, Poutini.

No matter what shapes the stone carver fashions as he seeks to enhance the natural beauty of the pounamu, each piece is forever also a child of Waitaiki and Poutini.

Material: Pounamu and Bone. All the bone for these carvings are from farmed animals and are not therefore restricted by CITES conventions for border restrictions if travelling.

Protocol: Traditionally these treasures are given personal names and you are invited to continue that tradition.

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